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a PROJECT for the March for Women


March for Women's Lives ~~ DC ~~ 4/25/04

For the march, I will be knitting millions of purple and gold (lemon yellow) wrist bands. These are the colors of the march and also the colors that were on the flags in the 'Iron Jawed Angels' HBO original movie on Alice Paul. People all over the country joining me for this project, some crocheting and some weaving.

How cool will it be to see a crowd of women and men raising their fists clad with a purple and gold feminist wrist bands? -YEAH!!

If you want to join me in my efforts, you can follow the pattern in the Stitch 'n Bitch book, just change the colors. or you can email me (airingoutthevulva at hotmail dot com). OR LOOK at my journal. I can certainly use crafting help to make a million.

If you can't knit or crochet, consider tieing ribbons around your wrists. (lemon yellow and purple)

To get the bands to the march, you can either bring them with you, send them with a friend or email me about shipping.

I'm using CHEAP yarn for this project.

It is a great way to contribute to the cause if you cannot attend the March.

For more info on the March go to

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