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<--- feels productive!

X-posted in t_shirt_surgery

this is "vintage vogue" pattern 2267, apparently a 1954 original. only mine is cooler. i made it smaller since the polka dot bit is stretchy, and it has pockets! yay!

the front

the back-- the ribbon is to keep the straps from falling. i couldn't use the lining because i changed the pattern too significantly for the arm-holes to match anymore.

i was cleaning my closet out in preparation of my boyfriend coming over to help me clean my closet out (i have some odd stuff in there, it needed to be done before anyone could see it)
and i found this old tshirt from middle school. all the 8th graders signed the back.

and the front...

just has the school's crest.
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o.k., I'm IMPRESSED.

can't wait to see the dress, actually, it looks really cool. *ahem* what was so bad in closet, anyhow?